It's Love!

It's Love!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catching Up.

Where do I start? Well I left off with Kades first Drill Weekend, and the holidays right around the corner. Boy has A LOT changed. Kade is in Tech school, I'm in Oregon with a promotion, the holidays brought us quite the surprise.. Where to start.
The holidays were WONDERFUL! Thanksgiving came and went, of course the wonderful food and drink. It was great. Christmas, I think, was my favorite holiday this year. I got everything I could ever ask for, and one little extra surprise. On December 19th we found out we are pregnant! No, we weren't planning a baby, but we weren't preventing one either. That day our lives changed forever. I don't think either of us has been that happy, excited, and scared, all at once, since we got married. Needless to say we're over the moon.
The pregnancy part for me has actually been a breeze. I didn't get ANY morning sickness, I was extremely tired ALL the time for the first 2.5 months. But I am not complaining! The second trimester brought on some pretty horrendous headaches. I'm already prone to migraines but then you add the extra blood flow, and a slightly elevated blood preassure and I was in for a GREAT time! The greatest part about all of this is getting to feel our little buddle of joy flip, and flop inside me. I knew it was going to be exciting, and something I could never really explain, but WOW. I didn't think it would be this great. Yes, I am far enough along to find out what we're having but, we want to keep it a surprise! Some people think we're crazy but, it really is one of those surprises I want to keep a surprise! Plus I want to have as much of a natural birth as possible. I'm not opposed to medical intervention but, I figure if my grandmother and her mother before her and hers before her can do it, so can I. So, having that surprise will make it so I just have to keep going. HaHa
After the holidays and finding out we were going to have a baby, we had to start planning on Kade going to tech school for four months. That's when work desided to throw me a curveball! In January I was offered a Management Position with Macaroni Grill. The curve to that pitch was they didn't quite know where they wanted to send me. AHH!!! Well after about a month of not quite knowing, they settled with the Portland market. HELLO? How could we turn something like this down? We not only consider Oregon home, but we had a plan to move back within 3 years. This just expidited our move! Needless to say I accepted the position. Now came the fun part. How do we coordinate a baby, Kades four month tech school in mississippi, my move to oregon for work, our house we own, and our animals. AHH! Talk about a fun couple of days of talking and planning and changing plans. We couldn't have done it if we weren't such a great team! We got everything planned out, and executed flawlessly! I'm in Oregon with the animals starting my new job and finding our little family a place to settle down, and Kade is in Mississippi in tech school blowing it out of the water!
I know a few people have heard this story but to put into perspective what kind of team Kade and I are I would like to sidetrack and tell a story about an adventure to took trying to catch a train to go to Oktoberfest! His parents were visiting us in Germany, and we planned to go to Oktoberfest in Munchin. We needed to catch a train in Landstuhl, with a stop in Mannheim, to get to Munchin. Well we get to Landstuhl and we aren't too sure which train we are supposed to get on. Well one leaves, and we finally find someone to ask, and they tell us, the train that just left was our train. OH CRAP! So we have to make a decision. Drive ALL the way to Munchin, or train to beat the train to Mannheim and hop on there. Well we chose the latter. So we get on the Autobahn. Thank goodness there isn't really a "speed limit" more of a "suggested speed." Here's a little bit more back story you need to know. Kadence and I have NEVER been to Manheim, and expecially not the trainstation in the middle of town! With Kade driving his dad shotgun, and his mom and I in the back seat, we take off like Speedracer. I don't think i have seen Kadence drive this fast in my life, and it's 4 in the morning, dark and we're going through construction. John, Kades dad, is white knuckle holding onto the "oh shit" handle. His Helen, his mom, not really looking out the window and taking very calculated breathes, and I in the back seat. We're making really great time and we start to see signs for Mannheim, which one do we take. Here's where our minds work so well together, we just start talking out loud to eachother. Rationalizing why which exit would or wouldn't take us to the train station. You could ask his parents, we were pretty amazing that morning. Well we chose one exit and it looked like it was taking us ot the middle of town, where we thought we should be headed, when we realized with all of this excitement we needed to pee REALLY bad. So we stopped at an Esso, gas, station to pee and to ask for directions. Remember it is like 4:30am this station JUST opened. (Thank goodness) We ask if we are on the right track and the guy behind the counter says "just keep going down this road, you'll run right into it." AHH We did it, with never being there before, driving in the dark, through construction and on the tightest timeline EVER. We parked and jogged to our train, sat down and then realized we had about 10 minutes before it left! HaHa The rest of our trip was FABULOUS!
Ok, so back to catching you all up! Kade is in Mississippi for the next few months for Tech school. He's been gone since the beginning of April. So far it has been reletively nice for him. If you can handle 70-100% humidity. HaHa The weather hasn't been terrible for him, plus he is being put up in a REALLY nice, fully furnished condo for the durration of his school. I can't wait to go and visit him in June! Ps that's when he turns the BIG 25!! That's 9125 days old! I'm gunna have an old man on my hands! HaHa I'm just happy that he gets to see me half-way through the pregnancy, and then again right at the end! He doesn't get back from Tech school until the first week of August and we're due August 25th! EEK! Our thought is it's better for him to miss 4 months of pregnancy rather than 4 months of baby! It will be SUPER nice to have my little family together though. Not too much longer!!
Well I think that's all folks! Stay tuned for more, frequent updates. I have a slightly more steady schedule so I'll have a little more time on my hands!

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  1. Geez! It's about time! I am so excited for the little one to join the family! And I have been loving your baby pics! You look adorable. Tell Kade hi and we miss you both! Congrats on all the fun new adventures!