It's Love!

It's Love!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drill weekend & A review of this past month

Saturday is the start to Kadences' first drill weekend for the Idaho Air National Guard. It's exciting and slightly sad, only cause this is the first weekend in the passed 2 months I won't have him home. On the bright side, we should find out when he is leaving to Tech school! Yahoo. I'm so proud of him for all that he has achieved in his time with the Military. I'm glad he found another job that will make him happy, and have him learning constantly.

While Kade has his drill weekend, I have the first weekend in a good 6 months where I'm working. I don't normally work Saturday OR Sundays, but this may be the start to a new routine. Only time will tell. Today at work however was pretty mellow, it is a BSU game so we will be a tad slow. It's sounds a little lame but I LOVE going to work. Even when there is drama or way too much going on, I really enjoy my job! The only downside to working this much is I am going to physical therapy as well. So some of these long days are kicking my butt. Literally.

I am seeing Brookes at Foothills Physical Therapy He is AMAZING! It's really nice that I am going to see someone who is an expert in his field. Last Tuesday was the first day that I got to see him since my surgery. It was nice, and eye opening. Come to find out, I'm a little ahead of myself in my rehab process. It's hard not to push yourself when you want to get back to something. I really want to run again. Which is a very achievable goal now. Thank-you goes out to Dr Waters who did a FANTASTIC job on my knee. Anyhow, come to find out, I am the only patient Brookes has had that, 7 weeks after surgery, had FULL range of motion. He didn't like how much I was working, but he is working my work schedule into the PT routine. Since on average I walk a minimum of 3miles at Macaroni Grill and just about 2 miles at the bar 6 days a week, we are doing A LOT of knee strengthening work outs and keeping my cardio to a minimum. Holy cow was I sore after Tuesday. I don't think I had worked out some of the muscles in a VERY long time. I'm starting to feel better and better!

Feeling better meant I am looking better as well. At least my own image of myself is getting better looking. Ha, that sounds really conceited. With that Kadence and I recently had pictures done with Brandy Roberts from Brandy Roberts Photography I LOVE Brandy. She is not only a friend but an AMAZING photographer! She is so versatile from photographing babies, which is not cake walk, to shooting weddings. Everything she does is phenomenal!! If anyway wants or needs and pictures done she is the one to go to. Plus her prices are out of this world.
Anyhow, I'll have those photos uploaded as soon as I receive them, but in the meantime check 'em out at Brandy's Website, the link is above, or on facebook!/pages/Brandy-Roberts-Photography/400586315990.
PS everyone, I don't now about you but, I am SO ready for the Holidays to be here!!! Bring it on the cooler weather, the heavier foods, sweaters, boots, AH I just love it!! Stay tuned for those photos to be uploaded!!

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  1. Love you guys, can't wait to spend some time with you on Thanksgiving...I am actually , for the first time going shopping the day after at that terrible early morning...should be fun.

    Love, Tante Theresa